Job Location: 

ILSC-New York is looking for substitute instructors to take over some courses for our current instructors.

Job Duties: 
  • Report to the Academic Program Director before and after the courses.
  • Receive lesson plans from the instructor. **In the event of an emergency, the sub may be responsible for creating their own lesson plans and materials.**
  • Create a classroom environment that is conducive to language learning.
  • Follow a student-centered approach.
  • Complete paperwork such as attendance and student progress reports (in the event that the sub is hired during the last week of the course).


Must be available during any or all of the following time-slots:
  • Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 10:40am
  • Monday – Friday: 10:50am – 12:30pm
  • Monday – Thursday: 1:20pm – 2:10pm
  • Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday and & Thursday: 1:20pm – 2:10pm 
Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes: 

All ESL teachers at ILSC must possess the following qualifications.

  • a completed Bachelor’s degree
  • a completed certificate in English language instruction
Contact Information: 

Please forward your resume and cover letter to TBD