Job Location: 

We are seeking an Academic Program Director to join our Academic team at ILSC-Vancouver, sharing our goal of creating a transformational learning environment for students and instructors. Operating in a dynamic work environment, this this role manages a team of teachers in a unionized school, and works closely with them to ensure our students have a transformative learning experience.  Each program director manages designated programs and projects.

Job Duties: 

Work with the Academic Director and fellow PDs in:

  • developing and communicating the academic direction of the school, new programs and courses, and teaching methodologies;
  • creating and promoting an innovative, inclusive and supportive teaching and learning environment.

Ensure high academic standards and an engaged team by:

  • assisting the Academic Director in staffing decisions, recruitment and onboarding of teachers;
  • reviewing and responding to learner and teacher feedback, and evaluating and developing teachers;
  • working with teachers to continually improve the classroom and staffroom experience;
  • communicating with teachers, through team meetings, one on one and other methods;
  • involving the team with broader school engagement and activities.

Ensure a good learner experience by:

  • assessing and placing students in classes;
  • reviewing and responding to student academic progress and feedback;
  • providing academic counselling and giving students clear academic direction.

Ensure efficient and effective programs by:

  • providing well-planned teacher scheduling on a monthly basis;
  • ensuring all administrative tasks are completed on a timely basis;
  • training staff on administrative duties
Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes: 
  • Undergraduate Degree
  • TESL Canada Level 2 (DELTA / Masters in TESOL, or equivalent from a recognised institution)
  • At least 3 years teaching experience in a recognized ESL school
  • Management experience in an international education environment
  • Strong computer skills
  • Demonstrated ability to set goals, manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines in a busy environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a dynamic team
Contact Information: 

Please submit resume and cover letter to Linda Moore, linda.moore[at]ilsc[dot]com.

Additional Information: 

Desired qualifications & skills:

  • Experience working in a unionized environment
  • Teacher training experience