Job Location: 

ILSC-New Delhi is currently seeking a Sales Coordinator to add to our team.  The position takes direction from, and reports to the School Director. The role involves various sales and marketing tasks to promote ILSC-New Delhi's language training programs to local Indian, and locally-based internationals; as well as administrative and academic support to transition clients into the school and ensuring their needs are met.

Job Duties: 

Sales and Marketing:

  • Searching out and signing up potential local Indian and local international sales for training opportunities
  • Networking and establishing relationships with contacts
  • Planning, budgeting and executing marketing plans for sales development  in Delhi NCR
  • Cold calling and emailing potential clients
  • Understanding and explaining ILSC’s academic training programs
  • Maintaining a database of past and present sales leads
  • Following up on phone calls and inquiries
  • Creating ads and brochures for marketing purposes
  • Taking feedback from clients and generating audio and video testimonials and photographs for marketing purposes
  • Working with ILSC-Global on developing local marketing initiatives and social media


  • Assisting Director in the recruitment of potential trainers for academic classes
  • Assisting Director in oversight of providing orientations about new clients and their requirements to Academics
  • Communicating with Academic department about tailoring classes to client needs
  • Assisting in conducting level assessment (if academically qualified to do so)


  • Issuing proposals, invoices and receipts
  • Clear communication with Director about proposals and pricing
  • Regular status reports about proposals, and regular strategy meetings with Director
  • Liaising with Accounts Department for payment collection from corporate clients, tracking payments and following up with clients for balance payments whenever applicable
  • Providing student progress reports; both mid-session and end-of-session
  • Liaising with Director and Accounts Manager in providing TDS certificates, copies of invoices, receipts and other financial data
Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes: 


  • Bachelor degree (Master’s Degree preferred)
  • Excellent English a necessity, Hindi and other languages are key assets
  • Computer knowledge and experience
  • Customer-service knowledge and experience
  • Private Education industry knowledge and experience 


  • Able to work independently
  • Able to be self-motivated
  • Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs
  • Able to maintain composure and professional behavior at all times
  • Able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Has business acumen; strategic ability
  • Able to manage vision and purpose
  • Able to manage time, systems and multitasking
  • Able to develop team spirit
  • Able to plan, organize, set priorities
  • Able to manage conflict and negotiate
  • Able to make quality decisions on a timely basis
  • Effective and varied presentation skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Patient, empathetic and approachable
  • Reliable, honest and trustworthy
  • Has career ambition, committed to and actively works to continuously improve himself/herself 

Past Work Experience

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in sales preferred
  • Teaching English as a Second Language an asset
  • Business administration
  • Supervision of staff
  • Curriculum development
  • Management experience
  • Operations experience
  • Customer service experience
  • Sales and Marketing experience
  • Human Resource experience
Contact Information: 

Send resume and cover letter addressed to “Director” at:


Additional Information: 

Paid Leave

6 sick days and 12 paid leave days per year.  Holidays are paid: dates as noted on the ILSC-New Delhi holiday calendar

Working hours

Actual timings may vary depending on meetings and sales visits. A minimum 40-hour week is required; however, additional hours may be required as necessary, including some evenings and weekends.

Remuneration, Incentives

Competitive remuneration, to be determined based on qualifications and experience.  Salary and/or incentive increases may be considered at performance reviews. A 3-month notice is required upon resignation

Start Date, Probationary Period, Conditions

ASAP, first 90 days is probationary period.