Job Location: 

ILSC-New Delhi is currently seeking a Senior Teacher and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Coordinator to add to our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching in and coordinating our Learn to Earn Program, which provides language and lifeskills training to young Indian women and girls from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The program aims to empower participants through education, to help them access more opportunities and achieve economic mobility. This position offers a chance to make a very positive and significant difference in participants lives, and the right candidate will bring solid education industry skills and experience, as well as passion to the position.  Learn more about our Learn to Earn program here. The Senior Teacher and CSR Coordinator will also support with regular ILSC classes, and provide other academic support as needed, and will coordinate and/or support other CSR initiatives and CSR-related programs in the school, such as Earth Month, Social Volunteer Internship placements, and more.

Job Duties: 


  • Planning, preparing and teaching CSR, primarily Learn to Earn, classes for ILSC, New Delhi
  • Level assessment of potential LTE candidates and counseling them on the program
  • Providing basic computer skills to the LTE students and assisting them in creating email accounts, etc.
  • Working with Academics to arrange classes for the orientation session, life skills training classes and job preparation program, which will include English language study, interview skills and personality development
  • Working with Academics to standardize the LTE Program Curriculum
  • Organize awareness raising initiatives once per session, such as for environmental causes and social film screenings
  • Supporting ILSC teaching staff through lesson observations, materials development and feedback
  • Conducting pedagogical workshops and in-house teacher training for ILSC staff, in relation to CSR specialization or other specializations
  • Assisting the Director in the process of Academic recruitment
  • Teaching regular language classes and subbing, if necessary
  • Assisting in academic administration, student/teacher orientation and academic meetings
  • Assisting colleagues who work on special programs to create standardized curricula
  • Other administrative tasks, such as student counseling and reception duties


CSR Operations

  • Recruiting potential students for the Learn to Earn Program
  • Being available during “office hours” for the LTE students (during their break times: 9-10am, 1-2pm and Fridays 2-5pm)
  • Raising awareness of the program through marketing, networking and reaching out to the community and NGOs
  • Conducting info sessions for potential LTE candidates/partners in Delhi and elsewhere in India
  • Orientation of the LTE students, and ensuring social links between international students, faculty & staff and LTE students (Mentor / Buddy program)
  • Maintain the operations of the program including transportation, material distribution, lunch vendor coordination and budget management
  • Coordination with NGO partners, as ILSC’s point of contact
  • Maintaining effective communication with our international partners and sponsors
  • Tracking progress of the LTE students, and writing regular reports
  • Ensuring satisfaction of the sponsors and preparing marketing materials for promotional and stewardship purposes
  • Bringing innovative ideas to improve the program
  • Engaging faculty and students in CSR programs through committee meetings, class visits and orientation presentation
  • Acting as our Liaison with CSR Global colleagues in Canada, the US and Australia
  • Assisting Activities Dept. in establishing tie-ups with local businesses for work placements and social internships, for both LTE students and ILSC students in general, and possibly including TESOL graduates who want to work in the NGO education sector
  • Providing internship counseling including pre-placement sessions and interview coaching for student Social Volunteer Interns
  • Organizing local volunteer outreach initiatives once per session, such as NGO visits and fundraising & food drives to benefit Delhi’s underprivileged communities
  • Coordinating Earth Month (April) planning; meeting teachers to discuss class activities, organizing informational sessions and activities


Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes: 
  • University graduate with TESOL or equivalent teaching qualification
  • Minimum 2 year of teaching experience, with 1 year trainer experience preferred
  • Passionate interest / experience in social development and CSR projects
  • Hindi and English speaker preferred
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Contact Information: 

Send resume and cover letter addressed to “Director” at:


Additional Information: 

Working hours: The position is full-time, 40 hours/week. A typical schedule is Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, though some variation is possible. Outreach and CSR activities will involve travel in Delhi/NCR and possibly beyond, which will be compensated via receipt reimbursement.

Proposed Start Date: ASAP

Sick Days, National Holidays, and Days Off: The employee is entitled to six paid sick days per year; after six sick days, the employee will take non-paid sick days. The employee will be paid for the statutory Indian holidays as outlined in the school calendar. The employee is entitled to 12 paid personal days off per year. A written request for time-off needs to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.

Remuneration and Compensation Package: To be determined, contingent on experience and qualifications